Hi-Dow AcuXP Micro
Hi-Dow AcuXP Micro
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If you liked the Massage XP III you will love the New AcuXP Micro.  The AcuXP Micro replaces the XP III, which was a top seller. This improved version, called the "AcuXP Micro", has all the features of the XP III plus 6 modes instead of 4.  It also has 20 intensity level settings and comes with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY

The Hi-Dow Massage AcuXP Micro is a dual-channel battery operated muscle stimulation system which helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains.  Like all of Hi-Dow EMS units, the AcuXP Micro is quality made and performs like a champion.  It's small size, it is more powerful then you would imagine.  Sore muscles, tight joints, stiffness, aching back, tired legs and feet can all be relieved by using the Massage AcuXP-Micro.


The principle of Massage AcuXP-Micro is built-up on the basis of the traditional Chinese medical massage and the western physiotherapy .  When understanding this, you will have no doubt about the treatment of soreness and painfulness caused by acute injury, chronic strain and hypesteogeny (Excessive or generative bone disease) in--- neck,....shoulders,....back,...waist,....legs and joints.  When the massage pads are placed on the aching or painful area of the body, through the regular contraction of the muscle, it is mainly used to:  

These five points are the major functions of Massage AcuXP Micro.  Let the AcuXP Micro do the work! 
    Dispel aseptic inflammation

      Accelerate micro-circulation.
      Loosen soft tissue adhesion and smooth joints.
      Relax muscle and relieve muscular spasm or tension caused by pain
      Relieve pain quickly


          Pains and aches in neck shoulder, arm, back, waist, sacrum, hip,and leg, etc which are due to aseptic inflammation and injury in the soft tissues, such as:  Muscle...Fascia...Ligament...Joint Capsule...Fat caused by acut injury...Chronic Strain...and Hypersteogeny etc,  as well as patients of paralysis.

IT CAN RELIEVE FATIGUE FOR THOSE WHO OFTEN WORK FOR HOURS IN A FIXED POSTURE ....such as-accountants, drivers, computer operators, students and etc. HEALTH CARE FOR THE MIDDLE-AGED AND ELDERLY through the stimulation...of the relative acupuncture points. (Which can be found on the included chart).

    What comes with the Massage AcuXP Micro? 
    Large easy to read LCD screen
    Dual Output Ports
    USB Port
    USB Extension Wire
    Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    Power Converter
    Electrode Wires
    Pads-sticking Board for storage
    1 Pair of Large Pads
    1 Pair of Small Pads
    Instruction Booklet
    Acupuncture Chart
    Instructional DVD

    Features Benefits
    1 Set of large single sided adhevesive electrode pads Directs the therapeutic wave form to painful area
    1 Set of small single sided adhevesive slectro pads For use on neck, periphery nerve, ankle or foot
    2 Outlet ports You can use 4 pads at one time
    Large easy to read LCD Screen See a diagrahm of each mode as you are using it
    Mode selector for 6 modes Option of more variety of modes to use
    USB Outlet & wires Plug in to computers USB and save you battery usuage
    On & off switch Save the battery life
    20 Strenth level settings Adjust the strength to what is best for you
    AdjustableTimer Set the time you want up to 60 minutes
    Pause button Pause without loosing your timing
    Rechargeable lithium battery Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
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