TDP Mineral Lamp CQ-12B-Desktop
TDP Mineral Lamp CQ-12B-Desktop
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Using the TDP Mineral Lamp can help relieve muscle and joint, stiffness, inflammation, muscle spasms, sprains and strains. This TDP Lamp has gained world-wide renown for relief of stiff and sore muscles and as well as helping stimulate blood flow in the area exposed. You will have a great muscle-relaxation effect when you use the TDP Mineral Lamp in the areas where the heat is applied.

This Desktop TDP Mineral Lamp is ideal if your room is small or if you have little storage space.  Unlike the floor model TDP lamps, the desktop TDP lamp does not have swivel casters (wheels) at the base but the compact size of the desktop lamp allows for easy lifting and placement almost anywhere.  

Benefits of the  TDP Lamp CQ-12B Desktop Model:                     

  1. Raises the temperature in tissues
  2. Expands capillary vessels
  3. Desktop model is ideal for tennis elbow
  4. Promotes blood circulation
  5. Helps move toxins from cells
  6. improves Lymphatic System functions
  7. Portable and can be taken anywhere

What is so special about this TDP Mineral Lamp?Head of CQ12B

When the mineral plate is heated, it emits a special band of
electromagnetic waves in the infrared range of 2 to 25 microns
in wavelength and 28 to 34 mw/ in intensity.

It is better absorbed by your body than near infrared energy.

The heating element is caged all the way around to prevent accidental burns.

Infrared Mineral lamps are particularly helpful in relieving pain, and
strengthening your immune system.                               

How is the CQ 12B Desktop TDP Lamp used?

The head of the TDP lamp contains a heating plate with a coating that contains 33 minerals that are proven to be effective in the treatment of pain, promoting circulation, and strengthening the immune system.

The desktop lamp is ideal for treating problems such as tennis elbow, joint pain, and specific back pain because of the portability and compactness of this lamp allows for easy moving and placement of the lamp.  It can be set up on any  table or counter.

for active people who experience muscle pain from playing sports, the desktop TDP lamp is a must have for treating pain.  For those suffering from arthritic pain, the lamp has proven to be effective for relieving pain and especially easy to use on painful joint ares of the hands and wrist.  

Compact and Portable Mineral Lamp

If you require the use of a TDP lamp when you travel, the desktop TDP lamp is very compact (less than 2 feet in hight) and it only weighs 25 pounds.

Safety and Cautions

Do not use the Infrared lamps if:

  •  You have high fever
  • Open pulmonary tuberculosis, serious arteriosclerosis
  • Tendency of bleeding
  • Abdominal pain
  • Over the eye use
  • When body is wet
  • If pregnant
  • Swollen inflamed area
  • Hypertension must avoid head application

NOTE: The TDP Mineral Lamp is 110 Voltage and can only be used in countries where the voltage is 110.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Three hinge adjustment points Greater range of positioning
Spectrum Range 2 to 50 microns
Output 60 Hz to 250 watts
Power 110 volt
Timer control 60 minute timer
Diameter of Mineral Plate 5.5 inches
Average life of mineral plate 1,200 to 1,500 hours (approx 2 years)
Intensity 28 to 34 mw/sq cm in intensity
Treatment Distance, range 12" to 18" (30 to 45 cm)
Optimum skin temperature 104 to 1113 Fahrenheit (40 to 45 Celsius)
Warm-up time 10 to 15 minutes
Weight (unit only) 25 lbs
Features Benefits
Protection Cap added to protect the Mineral Plate from damage and Prevent Burn Injury
Portable Great for travel, home or office use
"Crane Neck" system improved system so it will support any position including horizontal
Two extra fuses (older TDP LAMP has One fuse only)
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