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Accessories Kit for Hi-Dow MassagersAccessories Kit for Hi-Dow MassagersNEW from Hi-Dow, an Accessories Kit, all in one, including CAR CHARGER to go with your Hi-Dow EMS Massager.  Everything you need in one little can.  Dual Adaptor, Car Charger, Electrode Wire, Ear Clip, 3 Pair of Massage Pads.  Great value - order yours today!
Acupuncture Meridian Energy PenAcupuncture Meridian Energy PenAn electronic acupuncture pain therapy pen provides needledless, (No Neeles!) clean and painless acupuncture stimulation for safe in home pain therapy and simple to use.  Great for joint and musle therapy.  Fantastic for home or on the go use.
Belt PouchBelt PouchBelt Pouch to carry your TENS or EMS units. Has belt loop on the back side, or use the belt that comes with the pouch. Great for taking or storing your TENS or Massage units with you anywhere.
ChiSoft Neck Traction DeluxChiSoft Neck Traction Delux

The comfortable Neck Traction Delux is totally collapsible and can be taken anywhere to manage your sore and stiff neck. By gently stretching the neck muscles and joints, this cervical traction unit is excellent in relieving neck muscle pain.

Hi-Dow AcuXPD-2Hi-Dow AcuXPD-2The NEW AcuXPD-2 device is a dual-channel rechargable battery  operated muscle stimulation system, that quickly relaxes tense muscles and relieves pain.  Large easy to read LCD display with 9 modes and backlight for increased readability.  This is a FDA approved Class II Medical Device.
HI-Dow ACUXPD-SHI-Dow ACUXPD-SNEW! The ACUXP-S is the latest upgrade to the XPD.  Itis for the busy worker, homemaker, student or any one that wants to have electro therapy in two different places at the same time.  This is for you!  Twelve modes, twenty intenesity settings and an independent intensity and mode control.  Check out for more information. 
Hi-Dow XP 4: Professional Model with Massage PLUS Music & VideoHi-Dow XP 4: Professional Model with Massage PLUS Music & VideoEverything that you want in one package. This incredible hands-free Hi-Dow electronic massager offers you the joy of listening to music or watching a video as well as enjoying the same Hi-Dow quality custom massage!  Now on Clearance sale.  Buy Today at a great price.
Smart TENSSmart TENSThis state of the art, pain reliever, the "Smart TENS" is powerful, smooth, sophisticated and simple to use.  It has 4 pre-set modes. Ideal for numerous pain conditions.  Recognized as a safe and highly effective method of pain relief and regularly recommended by medical professionals. Includes a neck cord to carry around your neck for convenience.

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