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Belt PouchBelt PouchBelt Pouch to carry your TENS or EMS units. Has belt loop on the back side, or use the belt that comes with the pouch. Great for taking or storing your TENS or Massage units with you anywhere.
Chi Soft Neck Traction Pro IIChi Soft Neck Traction Pro IISuffering from strain in you neck or shoulders? The Pro II is anatomical designed for a more comfortable stretch at the front of the neck. Small and portable, Pro II Neck Traction relieves tight muscles and tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back.  Folds flat to take it with you anywhere.
ChiSoft Neck Traction DeluxChiSoft Neck Traction Delux

The comfortable Neck Traction Delux is totally collapsible and can be taken anywhere to manage your sore and stiff neck. By gently stretching the neck muscles and joints, this cervical traction unit is excellent in relieving neck muscle pain.

ChiSpa Aromatherapy DiffuserChiSpa Aromatherapy DiffuserLook no further for an easy way to relieve stress.  Need to relax?  Aromatherapy diffuser can do the job. Small enough to use at home or at work.  Stuffed up with a cold, let the aromatherapy diffuser help you to breath better.
Heating and Cooling Pack AnimalsHeating and Cooling Pack AnimalsChildrens heating and cooling zoo animal therapy. Made of natural cotton, a heating and cooling elemnenbt composed of specially engineere corn, in vatious shapes and colors of zoo animals.   What a marvelous treatment for a sick child to hold.  Make any child feel better with heating or cooling therapy by holding a stuffed animal.
HI-Dow Acu GlovesHI-Dow Acu GlovesDo You have hand and wrist pain?  The Hi-Dow Glove is for hand and wrist stimulation used with any Hi-Dow machine.
Hi-Dow Acu SocksHi-Dow Acu SocksConductive Therapeutic Socks with conductive fibers for entire foot and ankle stimulation.   Use with any Hi-Dow Electro Massager machine and experence wonderful relief for tired aching feet.  Also provides relief from acute and chronic foot ailments.
Hi-Dow XPM 4: Professional Model with Massage PLUS Music & VideoHi-Dow XPM 4: Professional Model with Massage PLUS Music & VideoEverything that you want in one package. This incredible hands-free Hi-Dow electronic massager offers you the joy of listening to music or watching a video as well as enjoying the same Hi-Dow quality custom massage!  Now on Clearance sale.  Buy Today at a great price.
PM-750 Infrared Heating DevicePM-750 Infrared Heating DevicePersonal Care Plus Hand Held Infrared Heating Device stimulates natural body energy to temporarily increase blood circulation and provide temporary relief and reduce muscle tension with the beneficial effect of penetrating infrared heat. Very easy to use, comfortable and light weight.  Relieves minor muscle and joint aches and pains.
ProM-Infared BulbProM-Infared  BulbOrder your replacement bulb for you Personal Care Plus ProMed Infrared Heat units. Make sure you have an extra one on hand.
TDP Mineral Lamp CQ-12B-DesktopTDP Mineral Lamp CQ-12B-DesktopRelieve muscle and joint stiffness, inflammation, muscle spasms, sprains and strains with the TDP Mineral Lamp, which provides focused deep heating relief and increases blood circulation and metabolism. Experience great muscle-relaxation every time you use it. Light weight. the Desktop TDP Mineral Lamp CQ-12B is great for travel, home, therapist, spa, massage clinics and sports enthusiast, use anytime, anywhere.
TDP Mineral Lamp CQ-29TDP Mineral Lamp CQ-29TDP Mineral lamp has great muscle-relaxing effects which has a proven, almost miraculously, an effect in soothing conditions such as muscle and joint stiffness, and muscular back ache. For joints that hurt from arthritis, fibromyalgia, sports related injuries or other types of aches from stress and strain, the deep penetrating, thermo-magnetic TDP Mineral Lamp is what you need.
Thermotex Platinum SystemThermotex Platinum SystemUnique Infrared Heating technology in a convenient and effective pain relief product. Thermotex Therapy System Pads uses FAR INFRARED light waves for deep penetrating heat. The #1 seller of infrared therapy. and can be used to treat any part of the body. Far infrared thermal energyis sent beneath the surface of the skin, to relieve pain, promote healing and accelerate rehabilitation.
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