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Hi-Dow Ear Clips
Hi-Dow Ear Clips
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The Hi-Dow accessory -"Ear Clips" can be used with any of the Hi-Dow Electro Massaging Systems.  A pair of ear clips come Free with some Hi-Dow unitsWould you have ever thought you would be putting clips on you ears to help calm you and assist in lowering your Blood Pressure?  Well, these little clips are very simple to use.

The ear clips have a little sponge in them which you moisten with just a little water, clip them on the top part of your ear, plug in the wires and turn on your Hi-Dow massager.  Set it on the first mode setting (if you have a Massage XPII, use the Blood Pressure setting). 
Do not set the intensity above your comfort level, remember this is supposed to be relaxing.  Set the timer to 15-20 minutes, sit back and just relax.

Remember, high blood pressure is a big problem in our world today.  It is wise to try to do whatever we can to bring it lower to a safe level for your health and  wellbeing .  The massage Ear Clip works similar to acupuncture in relaxing you and helping to lower blood pressure without the use of drugs.  That is something we all are interested in.


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