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EMS  and Combination EMS/Tens/Infrared

EMS and Combination EMS/Tens/Infrared

When you have a EMS massager or a TENS or an Far Infrared heat unit your pain level can be releived.  Sometimes it may take a combination of these therapies to heal the painful areas, much like when you have to alternate hot and cold therapy.  Any type of arthritis wither it is Rheumatoid, Fibromyalgia, Siatica, Neuropathy or just arthritis from age, home treatments can do wonders.  So don't suffer in silence, help rid your body of pain, any type of muscle or nerve pain.
EMS and Combination

EMS and Combination

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EMS Massager-Personal Care Plus™ 760EMS Massager-Personal Care Plus™ 760Get a massage and Far Infrared Heat at the same time with the new "Personal Care Plus™" Electronic Massager with Infrared Heat".  The PM-760 offers a six mode massage selection with constant temperature of 110°F infrared heat, which is  comfortable warmth to diminish fatigue and stress, relieve tense muscles, improve blood circulation and give yourself a well balanced massage to re-energize your tired aching body.
Hi-Dow AcuXP MicroHi-Dow AcuXP MicroHi-Dow Massage JQ-5C AcuXP-Micro is an updated and improved version of the Massage XPIII.  Surpassing the XPIII the AcuXP-Micro has all of the same features of the older model plus more. Compact design, rechargeable battery and 2 output channels, 6 massage modes instead of 4. All in a pocket sized pain fighter.
HI-Dow AcuXP Micro - The Ultimate SetHI-Dow AcuXP Micro - The Ultimate SetThe most complete addition to the Hi-Dow line of electro massagers that has it all.  The dual-cannel Acu XP Micro has eight modes to relieve minor muscle aches and pains.  As well as a full set of accessories including massage shoes and car charger.
HI-Dow ACUXPD-SHI-Dow ACUXPD-SNEW! The ACUXP-S is the latest upgrade to the XPD.  Itis for the busy worker, homemaker, student or any one that wants to have electro therapy in two different places at the same time.  This is for you!  Twelve modes, twenty intenesity settings and an independent intensity and mode control.  Check out for more information. 
HI-Dow iSmart Mini MassagerHI-Dow iSmart Mini MassagerThe iSMART mini Massager "SoCool" by Hi-Dow is small in size and easy to operate. Thhis unit has won great attention and high prise. Improves the micro-circulation of your body, promotes absorption of inflammatory substances, relieves tissues adhesion and alleviates various pains.
Hi-Dow Massage Mouse IIHi-Dow Massage Mouse IIMassage Mouse II is slightly smaller, than the original Massage Mouse and just as powerful as the more advanced massagers.  Operates on AAA bateries or a USB cable from your computer's USB port!  It offers everything you need for muscle pain relief as well as convience in a simple package.
Hi-Dow XPM 4: Professional Model with Massage PLUS Music & VideoHi-Dow XPM 4: Professional Model with Massage PLUS Music & VideoEverything that you want in one package. This incredible hands-free Hi-Dow electronic massager offers you the joy of listening to music or watching a video as well as enjoying the same Hi-Dow quality custom massage!  Now on Clearance sale.  Buy Today at a great price.
Hi-Dow XPO-2 Dual OutletHi-Dow XPO-2 Dual OutletHi-Dow Massage XPO- Dual has two outlets.  Relieving pain from sore aching muscles, improve circulation and metabolism is the goal in using this small amazing muscle stimulator.  All the functions and stainless steal backing, plus dual outlets so that you can use 4 pads at once. 
PM-720 Digital TENS/EMSPM-720 Digital TENS/EMSCombination Digital Dual Channel TENS and EMS all in one unit.  Treat pain by modifying the pain perception using timy electrical impulses.  Send electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment.  Both types of treatment for pain in one unit.  Get yours today and feel better.

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