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Belt PouchBelt PouchBelt Pouch to carry your TENS or EMS units. Has belt loop on the back side, or use the belt that comes with the pouch. Great for taking or storing your TENS or Massage units with you anywhere.
Hi-Dow AC AdapterHi-Dow AC AdapterDon't waste battery power when you can SAVE your batteries by plugging your Hi-Dow Massager into an AC POWER ADAPTER! Check it out!


Hi-Dow Accessory KitHi-Dow Accessory KitHi-Dow Accessories Kit, all in one, including CAR CHARGER to go with your Hi-Dow EMS Massager.  Everything you need in one little can.  Dual Adaptor, Car Charger, Electrode Wire, Ear Clip, 3 Pair of Massage Pads.  Great value - order yours today!
HI-Dow Acu GlovesHI-Dow Acu GlovesDo You have hand and wrist pain?  The Hi-Dow Glove is for hand and wrist stimulation used with any Hi-Dow machine.
Hi-Dow Acu SocksHi-Dow Acu SocksConductive Therapeutic Socks with conductive fibers for entire foot and ankle stimulation.   Use with any Hi-Dow Electro Massager machine and experence wonderful relief for tired aching feet.  Also provides relief from acute and chronic foot ailments.
Hi-Dow AcuSlippersHi-Dow AcuSlippersHi-Dow Acu Slippers improve circulation and stimulate nerve function with an electromagnetic foot massage. Now you won't have to beg for a foot rub!  Acu Slippers massages feet, ankles and lower legs.
Massage Shoes can be used with all the Hi-Dow Digital models.
HI-Dow AcuXP Micro - The Ultimate SetHI-Dow AcuXP Micro - The Ultimate SetThe most complete addition to the Hi-Dow line of electro massagers that has it all.  The dual-cannel Acu XP Micro has eight modes to relieve minor muscle aches and pains.  As well as a full set of accessories including massage shoes and car charger.
Hi-Dow Dual adaptor KitHi-Dow Dual adaptor KitNeed four pads instead of two?
Use 4 pads and relieve two areas on your body at the same time.The Dual Adaptor kit can be used with the Massage Mouse, Massage Mouse II or the Massage XP to allow you greater body coverage. If you want you can use the pads on two people at one time. Includes adaptor, 2 lead wires and a pair of large pads.

Hi-Dow Ear ClipsHi-Dow Ear ClipsThese Ear Clips can be used with the HI-Dow massagers to help reduce high blood pressure. Just clip on your ear lobe set your massager and relax. Must be purchased separately for uses with some of the systems.
Hi-Dow Electrode WiresHi-Dow Electrode WiresWhen you need to replace your electrode wires for your EMS or any HiDow Massager, we have the replacement wires for you. These  Lead Wires fit all of the HI-Dow Massager models and have a snap fit for the snap-on pads.
Hi-Dow Massage Pads-Extra LargeHi-Dow Massage Pads-Extra LargeExtra large massage pads with snap on for your Hi-Dow massagers.  Great for covering a larger are such as back or thigh.  Size is 3 3/4" long and 1 7/8" wide.  A great size to have on hand.
Hi-Dow Massage Pads-Large/SmallHi-Dow Massage Pads-Large/SmallPair of large replacement pads for all HI-Dow EMS massagers. These are 100% gel pads. Massage pads come in a large, small and extra large sizes. The extra large are featured seperatly.
Hi-Dow Pad KeeperReplacement for the Pad Keeper that comes with some of the HI-Dow massagers.  Treat your pads with care and they will last longer.
HI-Dow USB WireHI-Dow USB WireIf you need a replacement for your Hi-Dow USB cable, we have it for you. The USB is available for most of the Hi-Dow massager models.  See USB page for more details.
Replacement Gel Pads for PM-760Replacement Gel Pads used with the EMS Personal Care Plus Massager 760.  Comes in a pack of 4.

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