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EMS Massager-Personal Care Plus™ 760EMS Massager-Personal Care Plus™ 760Get a massage and Far Infrared Heat at the same time with the new "Personal Care Plus™" Electronic Massager with Infrared Heat".  The PM-760 offers a six mode massage selection with constant temperature of 110°F infrared heat, which is  comfortable warmth to diminish fatigue and stress, relieve tense muscles, improve blood circulation and give yourself a well balanced massage to re-energize your tired aching body.
PM-740 Infrared Heat/ Percussion Action MassagerPM-740 Infrared Heat/ Percussion Action Massager"Enjoy" the unique features of the Strong Percussion Action with this PM-740 massager hammer. A hand held electronic device that offers massage flexibility and can be used individually or with assistance. Releive strains and aches of strenuous activities, fatigue or stiffness.  Ease discomfort, restore agility and flexibility.
PM-750 Infrared Heating DevicePM-750 Infrared Heating DevicePersonal Care Plus Hand Held Infrared Heating Device stimulates natural body energy to temporarily increase blood circulation and provide temporary relief and reduce muscle tension with the beneficial effect of penetrating infrared heat. Very easy to use, comfortable and light weight.  Relieves minor muscle and joint aches and pains.
ProM-Infared BulbOrder your replacement bulb for you ProMed Infrared Heat units. Have an extra one on hand.
Thermotex Platinum SystemThermotex Platinum SystemUnique Infrared Heating technology in a convenient and effective pain relief product, the Thermotex Therapy System Pads uses FAR INFRARED light waves for deep penetrating heat. Thermotex Platinum System is the No 1 seller of infrared therapy pads and can be used to treat any part of the body. Thermotex safely delivers FAR infrared thermal energy beneath the surface of the skin. Designed to relieve pain, promote healing and accelerate rehabilitation.
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