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If you are interested in giving us your testimony, please send it to support@painreliefplace.com with your first and last name, and the city and state you are from.  We really appreciate your positive responses!

My name is Mitt Beavers, I purchased my first Massage Mouse in Branson, MO. about 3 years ago. I was in the Mall where the IMAX Theater is located and saw a display of these "odd" looking devices. I stopped to look them over and a young man came up and began telling me about them. I have suffered from Migraine Headaches for several years and was beginning to get one that day. The young man persuaded me to try the "Mouse" for about 20 minutes. I bought it on the spot. I took it back to my hotel room and put it on and lay down for about 20 more minutes and my headache went away. I never even had to take a Tylenol, much less Migraine medicine. Needless to say I was sold. I went back and bought another one for a coworker and since then I have sold well over 300.
Mitt Beavers
Gilmer, TX

 My name is Olivia Weber and I can testify that the massage mouse is a life saver for me. For years I suffered from shoulder pain in both shoulders. I went to therapy twice, (3 months apiece) I’ve gotten 4 sets of cortisone shots for 1 year and still suffered tremendous pain. Well eventually I had to stop the cortisone shots and the physical therapy, but then I remembered that I bought the massage mouse in Las Vegas two years previous to my condition. I said I would try this machine every night after work. Well I tried it and wow.....the pain has subsided tremendously.... I barely take Motrin or other pain medications, maybe once or twice a month now and I can move my shoulders better, with more range of motion than ever, I could not lift a folder on my job that weighed maybe 2 - 3 lbs, now I can carry 3 folders at most, but I don't try to overuse my shoulders. I must say, I cannot wait to buy the double mouse massage for added benefits, I’m a little strapped for cash, but as long as I can keep a battery supply and keep my pads moist the machine has lasted me 3 years now and I only reordered pads 1 time, the 1st ones had not fully gone bad, I just wanted to keep a supply on hand. Please, please you have got to try this massage mouse, it really works......

I just would love to tell you the difference the Massage Mouse has made in my life. I have suffered extreme lower back pain for several years with no help. My husband bought me the Massage Mouse on a trip to Las Vegas this year for Christmas and it was the most wonderful gift that I have ever received. I woke up one night in so much pain that I couldn't even move - after using the Massage Mouse for 20 minutes, my pain was completely gone. I have recommended it to everyone. Thank you Massage Mouse!
Marsha Roundtree
, KY

I was recently in Las Vegas and saw this massage mouse. I bought it because I have been having trouble with my hip. The doctor said it is Bursitis and I have been in severe pain for over 2 years. Nothing has helped. I have so much trouble walking. Well not anymore, thanks to the massage mouse. For the first time in 2 years I can walk around pain free. YES I SAID PAIN FREE. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.
... ... I must tell you that I found another good reason to use the massage mouse. Last night I was suffering from restless leg syndrome. I have had this problem for over 40 years. I placed the larger pads on the part of my leg that was bothering me. After 20 minutes, I removed the pads. No more restless leg problem all night. And I finally slept peacefully. Thank you soooo very much for the Massage Mouse. 
P.S. When I bought my massage mouse I also bought one for my sister and my sister-in-law. They both suffer from restless leg syndrome. Can't wait to tell them about how well the massage mouse works for this.

Kathy Zettler
Whittier, CA 90605

"Wow, my sister told me about the Massage Mouse. I tried it and loved it and ordered one for me and one for my son. I have used it for my sciatica and it works great. My son is having problems with his arms and I am giving it to him for his birthday. I had my daughter try it and she loves it. She pays $90 for a monthly chiropractor and now she won't need that. So I have just ordered her one too. Well I love it and just sit here in front of the computer and put the massage mouse on. I am 70 now and it does everything the chiropractor did, plus more.
Thank you"

Marjorie Moore
Hayward, CA.

"I recently received the Massage Mouse and absolutely LOVE it. I am 72 yrs. old and both my husband and I find it very helpful for the aches and pains, whether I am sitting at my computer or not. It is much more powerful than one would expect it to be. I had my 44 yr old daughter try it yesterday and she requested one for her coming birthday. She said it has very much the same sensations as the larger pad used on her back at the Chiropractors. We feel we really found a winner here and I will be ordering two more this morning."
Mrs. Richard Coles (Louise)
Modesto, CA

"A truly wonderful invention and it will bring relief, pleasure, and joy to thousands... its portability (so much in such a tiny unit) is a welcome change from other similar units which are twice as big and bulky... you have helped the world of folks with aches and pains (everybody!) immeasurably.... Thanks !"
James Glynn
Portland, OR

"I just purchased a mouse online after a friend turned me onto it - amazing little thing I cant believe it is so powerful."

"We have enjoyed it very much and rate it one of the nicest products we have"
Joseph Cutler
Bountiful, UT

"I use it on regular basis, and love it..."
Todd Knoll
Oconomowoc, WI

"I LOVE IT... My back hurts all the time. This is the only thing that I have found that works... THANK YOU!!!"
Marcus Capps
St Louis, MO

"....recently pulled my hamstring and used the mouse that my uncle had bought at the show. My leg felt so much better the next day, I would like to purchase my own!!"
Tony Nesti
Flagler Beach, FL

"I Love it for my tight muscles in my neck!"
Ruth Campbell
Bethlehem, PA

"I just wanted to let you know my daughter bought me massage mouse for Christmas and it was the best gift I received. I work for the state and I took it to work and about 20 to 25 people tried it and wants one. i was just looking for them to see where to order it from.
Thanks again."

Linda Kay Rose
Matthews, MO

"My husband has found your product extremely helpful for his medical condition.....What you have done for my husband is made his day today. From the bottom of my heart, I wished I could personally thank you. What a fantastic turn around. This is service unheard of today.
Please thank everyone who has helped in anyway."

Frances Pullin

"I bought the massage mouse as a holiday 'stocking stuffer' for my wife who has had chronic neck and back pain for most of her adult life.  The massage mouse has become indispensible in helping her to relax and get a good night's rest after a particularly 'challenging' day at work."
Doug Hager
Wentzville, MO

"I would like to thank you for your fine product; I have shared it with several people here at work and have even ordered an additional one for our Accounts Payable Manager. I only wish I had thought to order two so I wouldn't have to carry it back and forth from work to home."
Joel Kirk
Ballwin, MO

"Thank you for your wonderful product. I have had back pain for 34 years including 2 back surgeries and for the first time in those 34 years I am pain free a lot of the time. The massage mouse is a true miracle."
Gail Kerschner
Mohnton, PA

"I have chronic back pain and this massage mouse ease the pain and makes life bearable!"
Marilyn LARSEN

"I had a stroke and the mouse helps me out more them you can believe."
Pat Parker
Fort Myers, Florida

"My husband loves this massage mouse."
faye trapp burris
pahrump, NV

"This item is excellent, I keep it with me everywhere I go (when I can pry it from my wife). I will definitely keep the word out on this product.
Thank You!"

Peter Griffin, Jr.
The Colony, TX

"I am a firm believer in them. My husband and I fight over ours all of the time."
Tracy Eisenhauer
IAHPERD Treasurer

"This product is awesome. I have/had lower back pain for some time now and with this product I can move a lot more freely now. I only have two things to say this product is awesome and thank you."
Timmy Collins
Oklahoma City, OK

"I just got my Mouse today and I LOVE it already!  About 3 years ago, my lifelong (30+ years) pain was finally diagnosed as fibromyalgia.  My rheumatologist sent me to physical therapy for a short time (all my insurance would pay.)  While there I was taught new exercises that helped some, but what helped most was the "electric massage."  I was amazed to open my "Mouse" and see pads similar to the therapists.  The connectors looked the same too.  Needless to say the Mouse is a LOT smaller than his machine was but the relief is EXACTLY the same!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  p.s. the Mouse cost less than ONE treatment with the therapist --- I've already ordered new pads (I don't ever want to be without my new "pet mouse" again!) 

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