Pointer Plus Acupuncture
Pointer Plus Acupuncture
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The Pointer Plus is an easy to use and accurate hand held trigger or electro acupuncture point locator which incorporates a very effective push button stimulation feature which can be used for the immediate stimulation of the acupuncture point or area right after detection.  The spring activated detection probe on the Pointer Plus allows you to use light, even pressure while searching for location to treat.  A flashing light and an audible sound will indicate when detection is made. 

With the Pointer Plus you will have two interchangeable probes which are used for different applications of acupuncture therapy.  The smaller probe is more suited for ear points, the wider probe is better suited for all other body areas.  There is a point detection sensitivity adjustable knob and the intensity adjustment is on the on/off knob of the Pointer Plus.  There is a  hand grounding pole accessory  which the patient must hold and is used in order to create a complete electrical circuit.  This accessory is easily attached or removed from the unit.  A grounding circuit may also be made by holding the metal plate which is on the side of the unit where you would normally hold the unit.

What comes with the Pointer Plus?
Pointer Plus Electro Acupuncture unit
2 Probe Tips (2mm 0.08" for ear and 4mm 0.16" for body)
Hand Grounding Pole with attached wire
9 Volt Battery
Hard molded Carrying Case

Needle Free Electro Acupuncture, is used for pain relief and pain management by stimulation of acupuncture points, trigger points and auricular points.  Weither you have arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrom, shoulder pain, keen pain or back pain, the Pointer Plus probe may be used for all body parts and ear points.  Please see detail in the instruction book.

                                               See Specifications List Below
Stimulation for the Pointer Plus may be incresed by lightly moistening the skin.

Do not use for:    Patients with cardiac pacemakers
                               Pregnant women
                               In the areas near or directly around the heart
                               Directly over or near a recent scar fracture site
                               Over recent scar tissue or new skin
                               Over abrasions or cuts.
Specifications 500 ohm test load
Output Intensity 0-45 mA r.m.s.
Frequency of Output 10 Hz (fixed)
Weight 60 gm (unit only)
Pulse Width 260 microseconds (mS)
Wavve Form Continuous
Wave Shape Biphasic square pulse with negative spike
Power supply 9V battery
Tolerance +/- 10%
Output Channels One
Volts and Current 0 to 25 volts, 0 to 50 milliamps
Skin Impedance monitoring sound and light indication
Frequency Indicator Flashing Green Light
Size 6.5" x 1.3" x0.9"
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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mQenMDOKDmI completely agree that acurnuctupe can help PCOS. I did it for several months and it was wonderful expensive, but wonderful. I think it helped my cycles, but it was more important to me that it really helped me to relax and focus and learn to think/meditate on things that were going on within my body.I have to say, though, that my low amylose diet has done more than anything for my PCOS. It led me to ovulate on my own for the first time in over 2 years of TTC and after just a few months, resulted in a pgcy. (We lost our baby, but not due to anything related to IF.) I'm counting on this diet to contribute to another BFP!Love finding this blog and thanks for adding me to the blogroll! Written by Shane on Sat 7 Jul 2012 12:23:04 AM GMT
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