Micro Care Acupuncture Pen
Micro Care Acupuncture Pen
Acupuncture Pen being used on ear.
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Electric Acupuncture Stimulation is based on the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine concerning acupuncture, but now redesigned to be used with modern, western technology. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the energy balance in the human body.  Positive energy flows through the many pathways through the body and negative energy causes blockages in the energy balance of an individual which results in pain or illness.  A disturbance in the energy flow or balance can be treated externally by means of acupuncture, among other methods. 

The MicroCare Acu-Pen is an electronic acupuncture pen which detects the acupuncture points and stimulates them without piercing the skin.  The MicroCare Acupuncture Pen is a dual-purpose hand held device for personal healthcare use that provides an acupuncture point locater function with an audio signal as well as electrical low current stimulation of acupuncture points.  (In this way it is simular to the Stimplus or Stimplus Pro.

This Acupuncture Pen emits a low-intensity electric currrent  (micro current) to stimulate the acupuncture points.  This method is very simple, clean, painless, gentle and ideal for people who are sensitive to traditional acupuncture needles.  Duration of treatment and intensity of stimulation is individually adjustable and therapy is conducted by the touch of a button.  Using the provided diagrams to determine the location of an acupuncture point, scan the spot with the Acupuncture Pen to find the exact location, then depress the button to activate.  This technique enables even lay people to locate the relevant points.

Audio & Visual Acupoint Detection Indicator
Audio & Visual Intensity Indicator
Adjustable Intensity
Adjustable Timer for treatment duration
Micro Current Therapy
Micro-computer maneuvered
23CR2032 Batteries included
CE mark and ISO 9002 Certified
User Guide

For customers who are familiar with the Stimplus by Body Clock, this is a similar product and the design looks very much like the Stimplus Pro but  the MicroCare Tech Acupuncture Pen is a different device, although the same results can be obtained. 

Stimulation time Preset for 15 or 30 seconds or invidually selected
Intensity slide at highest (+) position tip voltage is 250Vp-p +15%
Intensity slide at lowest (-) position tip voltage is 55Vp-p + 15%
When using for acupoint detection Working electric current is 5-10MA
When using or micro current stimulation, Working electric current is 25-50MA
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Submitted by mountahajammal on Fri 15 Mar 2013 11:05:26 PM GMT
LmCJPFQFWI think that some insurance coepnaims are starting to realize that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. *starting* being the operative word, lol. I think many insurance coepnaims see pain relief as optional and not necessary to keep someone alive. Sustaining life and sustaining a quality of life is something insurance coepnaims and healthcare organizations need to seriously think about.Chronic pain has really been horribly under treated and JAHCO has tried to face this, and pain is now a vital sign that needs to be treated. Unfortunately, many places just don't enforce it well enough. There are some places that have pain free policies, and even wear cute little buttons, but still may not relieve pain adequately. I sincerely hope that this is a trend that will continue to show medical professionals and care centers that pain is subjective and absolutely positively needs to be treated.Autoimmune diseases run in my family, and chronic pain management is a huge issue with us. We get so tired of healthcare professionals having modern and up to date medical knowledge, yet still have antequated ideas about pain relief. I understand that they do have to weed out people who are drug seeking for recreational useage, but is it really worth keeping someone who most likely is on the edge of their rope, just barely holding on suffering? I absolutely do not think so.As far as alternative therapies, there are many pain clinics that keep their patients using only those methods and not pain medicine. My mother was sent for biofeedback and aromatherapy treatments, and they were covered by her insurance. We found that a combination of alternative therapies and western medicine was a good fit for her.In no way am I bashing healthcare professionals, heck, I am one. Policies and attitudes about chronic pain and pain management need to change. That is just the bottom line. Written by Denis on Sat 7 Jul 2012 10:14:15 AM GMT
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