BioFreeze 4oz Tube
BioFreeze 4oz Tube
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Pain can hinder your ability to do your everyday tasks or exercise or even affects your ability to perform rehabilitation therapy.  By massaging BIOFREEZE gel into the sore muscles and joints, the pain relief you feel can make it easier for you to complete your daily tasks. A cool revitalizing feeling of well being is the BioFreeze CRYOTHERAPY (Cold Therapy) method that delivers fast pain relief.

You will love this product!  BioFreeze is stainless, greaseless and has a vanishing scent, unlike some other pain relief creams.
The handy 4 oz tube, which can be used at home, work or the gym and is great for traveling.


BIOFREEZE with ILEX  can aid training and rehabilitation by relieving pain. When you apply BIOFREEZE as part of the "cool down", to minimize next day aches and pains. Apply directly to sore muscle area before exercising.  Apply a generous amount of BioFreeze gel and massage in well. Follow up with ice therapy as needed.

Applied topically at home BioFreeze can help patients and athletes reduce aches and pains commonly found in:
   Lower Back
   Knee and Hip
   Elbow and wrist joints
   Muscular Strains
   Sore Muscles and Muscle Sprains

This hands on application also reinforces patient or personal touch which has been shown to be very important in the healing cycle.
Proviides excellent pain relief when used prior to: Ultrasound Treatments, Massage Therapy, Soft Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Rehabilitation Exercises, Pre and Post Workout Stretch.


BioFreeze uses CRYOTHERAPY (cold therapy), which is a process that cools the area and relieves pain by reducing blood flow to the area and reducing the ability of the nerves to conduct pain stimuli. It transmits at speeds faster than most pain sensations or warming sensations.

Under normal conditions the shelf life is about 2 years.


BioFreeze is extremely effective in helping people who have trouble sleeping due to nagging pain and discomfort. Users report receiving a full night of undisturbed sleep when BioFreeze is applied just prior to bedtime. Don't let nagging pain keep you awake at night.

Menthol, 3.5%; Camphor, 0.2%; Water; Isopropyl Alcohol;
Herbal Extract (ILEX Paraguariensis) - from a South American Holly shrub, used around the world in various health and wellness formulations
Carbomer; Triethanolamine; Silicon Dioxide;
Methylparaben; FD&C yellow #5; FD&C blue#1

No waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum products are used in BioFreeze. It is greaseless and blends well with other products.

BIOFREEZE is available in various forms: 3oz Roll-on, 4oz Tubes and 4oz spray. as well as larger quantities for professional use.

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