Pointer Excell II
Pointer Excell II
Excell II control pannelExcell II Schematic
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          Pointer Excel II 
The model Pointer Excell II Electro Acupuncture is simple to use on most areas of the body where acupuncture is effective.  Accurate and easy to operate hand held trigger point locator which incorporates an pushbutton stimulation feature in a well designed electric acupuncture pen.  User friendly, this Electro Acupuncture device may be used for the immediate treatment of a particular trigger point or area following its auto detection with sound and light.

Electro Acupuncture allows you to tap into your own body’s natural healing powers by activating with electro stimulation process.  Thousands of health conditions are being helped by utilizing acupuncture.  Now you can also use this same healing method without the use of needles, by useing an acupuncture electric digital pressure point locator - the Pointer Excel ll applies the same principle as the ancient Chinese therapy of acupuncture but without piercing the skin.

POINTER EXCELL ll features a digital display to show the frequency of stimulation during operation, and numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points.  This acupuncture unit is fully equipped with distinguished features such as polarity change-over switch, frequency selection and micro current stimulation etc.

Used to treat many types of pain and symptons:
  • Athletes and Sports Injuries
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Migraine and general Headaches
  • Pain Mnagement
  • Arthritis
  • Smoking severance
  • Insomnia
Accessories that come wiith the Pointer Excell ll:

     1.  Replaceable probes 2 sizes
     2.  Power  & intensity control
     3.  Conductive Bar
     4.  USB cable & Electric outlet plug
     5.  Rechargeable battery
     6. Large digital Display Screen
     7. Manual
     8. Hard surface box to store device

Channel One
Output Current Micro current 0-2 microamps
Output Intensit 0 to 10 mA
Pulse Rate 1 - 16 Hz (adjustable)+/- 20%
Pulse Width 260uS +/- 20% (220 microseconds)
Pulse Shape Asymmetric Biphasic Square Wave
Wave Form Continuous
Indicator Lamp Green light indicator of pulse rate indicator
Large Digital LCD Display Frequency and Stimulation indicator
Power Source DC3.7V
Unit Weight 90 gm (unit only), 380 gm (complete set with case)
Point Detection Meter, Sound and Light Indicator
Frequency Conetrol It can be adjusted to 23Hz
Box Size 10.5" x 4.25" x 1.75"
Features Benefits
Metal conduction Automatically find acu-points
Fits in hand Portable and easy to use
Sensitivity control Adjusting the sensitivity of points detection
User-friendly design Easy to operate
Different replaceable probs Apropreate for different parts of the body
Lithium recharged batteries Rechargeable Batteries that can be used over & over again
Audio tips Device has sound and light dectector
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