HI-Dow Acu Gloves
Made with Silver thread
HI-Dow Acu Gloves
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Conductive therapeutic gloves for all types of hand and wrist pain:

The HI-Dow Acu Gloves have woven conductive silver fibers that can be therapeutic for the entire hand and wrist, using EMS stimulation.  
These gloves are designed to be used with all Hi-Dow machines.

It provides a great way to stimulate pain relief for acute and chronic hand and wrist.

It will also help increase blood circulation for anyone with Raynaud's, as well as provide muscle stimulation.

This is a one size fits all glove, that is lightweight and comfortable and has a unique stretchable material. 

If you are looking for a glove with a large conductivity area on the hand, providing even current distribution, compression, support and improve mobility, the Hi-Dow Acu Glove is for you.  

What is included?
     1 Pair of Acu Gloves
     1 Electrode Wire
     1 Pair of Extra-Large Pads

Directions for using the gloves:
1. Connect the electrode wire snap to one Acu Glove and one extra large pad
2. Put the Acu Glove on your hand and stick the pad on the back of your forearm

     (the Acu Glove and the pad should not be touching one another)
3. Insert the plug of the electrode wire into the output device (Any Hi-Dow machine)
4. Turn on and adjust the intensity to a comfortable level

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