HI-Dow iSmart Mini Massager
Hi-Dow "SoCool" Mini
HI-Dow iSmart Mini Massager
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The Hi-Dow iSmart mini Massager is a LOW FREQUENCY THERAPEUTIC INSTRUMENT under the "SoCool" brand.  With "Human Body Bioelectricity Simulation" Technology, and a modern embedded microprocessor which simulates 6 distinct TCM massage manipulations, this is definitely a "SO COOL" massager. It has a single port and two power sources:  Re-chargeable lithium battery using a power converter or computer USB port.  The iSmart is a pocket sized pain fighter that helps to relive minor muscle aches and pains and is one of our best selling models.

The new Mini iSmart Massager uses therapeutic waveform to produce the massage effect through piling us the biioelectric signal with the human bioelectric features when the massager pads are placed on the diseased or painful parts of the body.  Through the regular contraction of the muscle of those parts it can:

  1. Accelerate microcirculation and promote the absorption of inflammatory substances. 
  2. Loosen tissue adhesions and soothe joint pains.
  3. Relax muscles and relieve the muscular spasm.
  4. Relieve various pains.
  5. Relieve fatigue for those who often work or hours in a fixed position, such as accountants, truck drivers, computer operators and etc.

Through the stimulation of relative acupuncture points the iSmart mini low frequency therapeutic massager is also excellent for the health care of the middle-aged and elderly.

What else can this iSmart mini Massager help with?
Therapeutic and effective in alleviating:

  • Cervical syndrome
  • Periarthritis of the shoulder
  • Lumbar muscle strain
  • Fasciitis
  • Joint pain
  • Strain and hyperosteogeyweariness
  • Improve partial muscle tissues.

For bedridden patients who suffer from hemiplegia, the massager can provide effective health assistance to prevent the muscle from atrophy and can shorten the course of rehabilitation .

For the older persons, the use of the massager may help improve their physical quality of life and slow down the aging and degeneration of the locomotor system.

WHAT COMES WITH THE Mini iSmart Massager?                                                             FEATURES

Hi-Dow iSmart Massager unit                                                                                               LCD Display
1 pair of large single sided adhesive electrode pads 2 1/2 inches                                       Adjustable Timer
1 pair of small single sided adhesive electrode pads 1 3/4 inches                                       1 (one) output                    
Electrode Wires                                                                                                                     6 Modes
USB Cable                                                                                                                            Removable rechargeable lithium battery
AC Adapter                                                                                                                            20 Intensity level settings
Instruction Manual

Life Time Warranty

"SoCool" guarantees this product free from defects in material and workmanship for the whole life of the product from the date of purchase.

Remember if the massager is not stamped with the "SoCool" logo, it is not the same product.


USB port power converter: Input: AC110V-220V / Output: DC5V
Lithium Battery: BL-4C,3.7V,400mA/h
Modulation frequency: 0.04-1Hz
Features Benefits
"Human Body Bioelectricity Simulation" Technology Heal and refresh
TCM Massage manipulation Relaxing
Intuitive display of massage manipulations Easy to read picture display of mode
2 Power Sources Re-chargeable Lithium Battery or Compute USB
Pocket sized massager Portable and easy to use anywhere
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