HI-Dow AcuXP Micro - The Ultimate Set
HI-Dow AcuXP Micro - The Ultimate Set
Tha Ultimate Set
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The latest in Electro Massage, new and updated Hi-Dow ACU XP MICRO device comes compete with all the accessories you need.  If you want the best, Hi-Dow has done it again....  The new generation of the Acu XP Micro is a dual-channel muscle stimulation system with eight modes to help relieve minor muscle aches and pains. 

The Acu XP Micro is comprised of two main components: 
     An electronic stimulatory module which generates the required stimulation signals.
     Two sets of Pro-Neo Neonatal ECG Electrode pads with lead wires

*For aching lower back or neck pain you can use 2 or 4 pads at a time.
*For aching legs and feet, the massage shoes are the best. 
What a great way to relax those tired aching feet and legs!  Sit and relax your pain away.
*If you are a runner or like to walk a couple miles or so, try the pads on your upper thigh or claves, it really does loosen     tight muscles and revives tired ones.
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