PM-750 Infrared Heating Device
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PM-750 Infrared Heating Device
PM-750 Structure for PM-750
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Personal Care Plus

For those of you  who want to have the benefits of using the Infrared Heat Lamp without having to use a lamp on a stand, here is your answer----the completely portable hand held Infrared Heating Device.  A device that you can hold in your hand and apply infrared heat directly to the area where you are having pain.

Beneficial effect of infrared heat is well documented.  It actually penetrates below the skin to stimulate blood flow which helps in relieving minor muscular pain, as well as relaxing muscles and reducing joint stiffness.  Lightweight and comfortable to use, the infrared heat unit does not feel hot on your body (as a heating pad would).  It comes with two settings, high and low with a new stronger 10 Watt bulb. It can go with you anywhere - at home, at the office or on vacation.  Infrared Heat stumulates natural body energy to provide timporary relie.  Personal Care Plus is PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS.

How should you use the Infrared Heating Device?

Generally, a heat massage should last 5 to 15 minutes on any muscle of the body.  You will feel relief within that time. 
Treatment may be applied once or twice daily.  If you have various areas that need inrared treatment,
you can give yourself a treatment as often as necessary.
As an individuals' metabolism varies, so does their response to the massage,
Adjust the time and heat setting to suit your particular needs or personal preference.
Set to high or low position.

Massage tight or stiff muscle areas with a smooth motion while applying a light pressure.

1)  Do not apply infrared light to abdominal or lumbosacral points in pregnant females.
2)  Do not apply infrared light to the epiphyseal lines in children.
3)  Do not apply infrared light to the thorax or over the pacemaker itself in patients with pacemakers.
4). Do not apply infrared light over the thyroid gland, ovaries and testicles.
5)  Do not apply infrared light to patients who are taking drugs that have heat or light sensitive contraindications, such as but not limited to certain types of steroids.

Features Benefits
High and low Temperature setting Selection of temperature setting
Relieves minor muscle pain through penetrating infrared heating Relieves back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain
Pain relief without any side effects No problems with after effects
Lightweight and comfortable to use Not heavy in the hand, easy to hold
Two infrared light bulbs included Having a replacement bulb on hand is always good.
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