Stimplus Pro Acupuncture
Stimplus Pro Acupuncture
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Stimplus Pro is a Compact Electro-Therapeutic Micro Current Stimulator better known as Electro Acupuncture.  The NEW top of the range version has all the features of the "Stimplus" plus 12 intensity levels, indicated by 6 LED lights, 3 timer options, 3 stimulation frequencies and a wrist strap for treating others.  Find acu-points and treat pain electronically simply with the push of a button. 

Regarded as one of the highest quality electro-acupuncture units made, "Body Clock Stimplus Pro" includes a 5 year guarantee against manufacturer's defects.  Carry it with you anytime, anywhere.  Almost as small as a writing pen, it can fit in your pocket.  

It applies the same principle as the ancient Chinese therapy of acupuncture but without piercing the skin.  Designed for the treatment of symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain as well as treatment in the management of post-surgical and post traumatic acute pain, the Stimplus Pro detects pain with light and sound.  With the touch of a button an electro-impulse stimulates away pain.  A low pitch sound rises the closer you are to an acu-point which indicates precise point of stimulation.  That's why we call it  PAIN RELIEF IN A VERY SMALL PACKAGE!

Chinese therapy is used to treat many types of pain and symptoms; the same is true with the Stimplus Pro.

      Pain Management
      Athletes and Sports Injuries
Stimplus Pro Controls and Indicators  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
      Migraine and general Headaches
      Smoking Severance

  • Audio and Visual (LED) intensity indicator
  • Audio and Visual Acu-point detection indicator
  • 12 Intensity level indicated by 6 LED lights
  • 3 Choices of Stimulation frequencies (5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz)
  • Timer option 15 or 30 seconds preset
  • Manual timer option for longer periods of time
  • Extension precision tip (NEW)
  • Stimulate Acu-points through Micro Current Therapy
  • Ear Phone Jack to Stimulate in silence
  • Wrist strap, for treating patients
          Differential amplifier
          Clinically tested as "Biologically Active"
          Absolutely safe to use
          Precise Micro-Computer controlled
          Ergonomic Design
          Compact, Lightweight and user-Friendly   
          EC and FDA Complian
1. This device should not be used around the Carotid sinus (neck) region or the orbits of the eyes.
2. Any use of this device on patients who have a demand-type cardiac pacemaker .
3. Do not use this device trans cerebrally (i.e. when treating another individual, so as not to make a circuit.)
4. The use of TENS whenever pain syndromes are undiagnosed, until etiology is established.
Technical Data
Operating Voltage 4.5V / 6.0V / 6.5V
Output Intensity (500 ohms) 190uA - 1.15mA
Output Waveform Asymmetrical Biphasic rectangular
Stimulation Pulse Rate 5Hz / 10Hz / 20Hz
Pulse Width 0.15ms
Low Battery Indication 4.1V / 4.5V / 4.9V
Battery Life (30 sec/cycle) 8800 cycles
Power Source Powered by 2 Lithium 3 volt batteries (included)
Weight (grams) 43.5g
Dimensions 16.5cm x 3.7cm x 1.3cm (6 1/2 " x1 7/16" x 9/16")
Classification Fully compliant with EEC Directive 93/42/EEC, and is classified as internally powered equipment, Type BF. It is intended for continuous operation.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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The best to weak up nerves that are sleeping Written by Horace on Tue 8 Jun 2010 8:12:29 PM GMT
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