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Smart TENS
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The Smart TENS is one of the simplest to use, digital TENS units on the market.  With 4 pre-set modes this Smart TENS is a state-of-the art, efficient method of pain relief without the use of drugs.  TENS is recognized as being very safe and effective for many types of pain. 

resTENS (Transcutaneoous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) works by passing mild electrical impulses through the skin, into the nerve fiber which lie below, via electrode pads.  TENS electrodes are geneerally placed around the painful area, over the painful area or over acupuncuure points.  Smart TENS impulses help our body produce its own pain-killing chemicals, such as 'endorphins'.

"AN EASY GUIDE TO TENS PAIN RELIEF"  written by Dr. Gordon Gadsby is FREE with the purchase of the Smart TENS. 
                                                The guide book offers:
                                                 Introduction to TENS;     
                                                 Electrode placement and charts;      
                                                 Setting up your TENS treatments
                                                 How to use TENS for pain manaagement;     
                                                 Routine maintenance


TENS can be used for many chronic and acute pain conditions such as:
             Back Pain                 Sports Injuries
             Shoulder Pain            Migraines
             Arthritis                     Period Pain
             Sciatica                     Post-operative Pain
             Neck Pain                  Carpal tunnel syndrome
             Low back pain            Tendonitis/Bursitis


---       Fast Pain Relief   ---    Treats 2 pain areas at once (dual outlets)
---       Easy to Use         ---     4 Preset Modes (constant, burst, massage & mixed)
---       Value for Money  ---     Large Digital Display
---       Smooth                ---     Pulse Width Adjustment
---       Rotating belt clip  ---    Timer

                   With Smart TENS you get:    
*  A powerful digital Smart TENS unit
                *  1 Pack of 4 self-adhesive electrodes
                *  2 Leadwires
                *  2 AA Batteries
                *  Neck cord
                *  Carrying pouch ($12.50 value)
                *  Smart TENS Instruction for use
                *  Easy Guide to TENS book 

    Intensity: 0 - 120mA adjstable in 15 steps (500() load
    Pulse Width: 20-250(us)
    Modes: Constant, Burst, Modulaion and Mixed
    Constaant: 100Hz - Fixed Plse Rate
    Burst: Pulse Rate 23Hz, 2 bursts / sec, 8 pulses / burst
    Modulation: 100Hz - Fixed Pulse Rate modulating on Pulse Width
    Mixed: 3secs. Constant, 3 secs Burst repeating (Dense Disperse)
    Waveform: Asymmetrical bi-phasic rectangular
    Load Detector: Contact detetion etween device and skin
    Features Benefits
    Display: Digital LCD
    Memory: Remembers the last setting for the next time of use
    Timer: 5 settings: Continuous, 15mins, 30mins, 45 mins, 60 mins
    Auto Shut Down: 5 Minutes
    Battery: 2 x 1.5V AA Battery
    Battery Low Detect: 2.2v+/-0.2V
    Weight / Size 75g/ 115mm x55mm x30mm or (4.5" x 2")
    Output Jacks: CE touch-proof jacks
    Channels Two Channels
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