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TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) has successfully been used for many years by medical professionals and patients worldwide to treat pain. Now you can have your own TENS unit at home.  TENS can relieve numerous pain conditions, see more indepth information for each product. These units are portable and easy to use.

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Belt PouchBelt PouchBelt Pouch to carry your TENS or EMS units. Has belt loop on the back side, or use the belt that comes with the pouch. Great for taking or storing your TENS or Massage units with you anywhere.
Flexi TENSFlexi TENSThe smallest TENS unit available, can easily fit in your pocket. Ideal for numerous acute and chronic pain conditions, the FLEXI TENS is ultra-simple, yet powerful digital TENS unit - comes with 4 electrode pads.
Hi-Dow Painless Tens - Wireless RechargeableHi-Dow Painless Tens - Wireless RechargeableProfessional strength Wireless Rechargeable Hi-Dow PAINLESS TENS.  Just place on your body as you would any electrode pad, press the power button, select your intensity and feel the soothing electrode pulses on your body.  Sore and aching muscles can be a thing of the past.
PM-720 Digital TENS/EMSPM-720 Digital TENS/EMSCombination Digital Dual Channel TENS and EMS all in one unit.  Treat pain by modifying the pain perception using timy electrical impulses.  Send electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment.  Both types of treatment for pain in one unit.  Get yours today and feel better.
Recharger Kit - 9V BatteriesRecharger Kit - 9V BatteriesYou will always have an extra 9V Battery charged and ready to go when you have the Battery Recharger Kit. This Recharger Kit includes a 9V Battery Charger and (2) Rechargeable 9V Batteries.
Smart TENSSmart TENSThis state of the art, pain reliever, the "Smart TENS" is powerful, smooth, sophisticated and simple to use.  It has 4 pre-set modes. Ideal for numerous pain conditions.  Recognized as a safe and highly effective method of pain relief and regularly recommended by medical professionals. Includes a neck cord to carry around your neck for convenience.
TENS Electrode WiresTENS Electrode WiresTENS units replacement Lead Wires for electrodes.
TENS ElectrodesTENS ElectrodesQuality White Foam Cloth or Black Flex-Plus TENS Electrodes 4 Per Pack, multi sizes listed.  Premium Gel and Economically Priced. Click on more information for various sizes and shapes as well as quantity needed.
TENS PM-355 Digital 5 ModeTENS PM-355 Digital 5 ModeA Digital TENS 5 Modes with/Compliance, the PM-355 TENS is a compact unit with lots of power. Used by Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Drs. and Chiropractors to help relieve pain as well as back, neck and body aches
TENS ProM-300 Dual ChannelTENS ProM-300 Dual ChannelThis Dual Channel 3 Mode TENS, complete with a timer, 4 Electrodes Pads, belt clip and Hard Plastic Carrying Case.  Pro M-300 TENS is a non-invasive device and has been shown to increase patient compliance and response to treatment.
TENS ProM-360 Digital TENSTENS ProM-360 Digital TENSProM-360  Digital TENS sends impulses through the skin to the nerves to stimulate and modifies your pain perception.  So if you are having arthritis pain or injury pain or just fibromylgia pain, get the PM-360 Tens and return to your normal activity - pain free.
TENS Self-Adhesive ElectrodesTENS Self-Adhesive ElectrodesReplacement pads for your Body clock TENS units. Comes in a pack of 4 -2"x2" Square Self-Adhesive Electrodes. Excellent value, great quality, stock up today! Buy with confidence, Top Quality!

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I was amazed at the relief I experienced when I used your 1st Choice Plus TENS product. Thank you so much for a product that has let me be pain free for the first time in a long time.
M. Davie